Jones Chapel Adult Choir

Come and experience the fulfillment of making music together, embracing the Love of Christ, and forging lasting friendships. We look forward to welcoming you to our Wednesday evening practices as we create something extraordinary with the power of our voices.




Jones Chapel Adult Choir

Experience the joy of harmonious voices and the power of music as you join our Adult Choir Practice every Wednesday at 7pm. Held in the Sanctuary, this weekly gathering invites singers of all skill levels to come together and create something beautiful.

Led by our Music Minister, Leigh Anne Myers, the practice sessions are filled with camaraderie, laughter (after all, Donald will be there), and a shared love of Christ and music. Whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or new to the world of choral singing, our inclusive and supportive environment ensures that everyone feels welcome and valued.

During each practice, we explore a diverse repertoire of choral music, ranging from traditional hymns to contemporary compositions. Leigh Anne guides us through vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises, and vocal techniques, helping us refine our skills and unlock the full potential of our voices. Together, we delve into the intricacies of harmonies, dynamics, diction, and breathing crafting captivating performances that resonate with our congregation.

Beyond the technical aspects, our choir practice is a place of connection and friendship. As we rehearse together, we form deep bonds with fellow singers, fostering a sense of belonging and community. The support and encouragement shared among choir members create an atmosphere that is not only conducive to musical growth but also enriches our personal lives.

Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to share our musical talents during special events and worship services, where our voices blend together in beautiful unity.