History of Jones Chapel

Jones Chapel has been around for almost 200 years!


We’ve been in our current Sanctuary since 1892.  There’s a lot of change that has occurred since 1892.  Well, except maybe one thing; Jones Chapel’s welcoming atmosphere and dedication to growing closer to Christ.

History of Jones Chapel

Jones Chapel has a very rich history of days gone by. Over the years, generations of families have filled the pews. Countless members have formed groups, committees, classes and missions to carry out the ongoing ministry of the church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ within the congregation and community.

Jones Chapel has written records that date back to 1860, however some of those written records indicate that the fellowship of Jones Chapel was first organized in 1830. In fact, one member recalled his mother’s account of attending a Jones Chapel revival as a young girl for men that were volunteering for service to the Confederacy.

The first physical structure used for worship was a simple log cabin and our current sanctuary was erected in 1892. The sanctuary included such amenities as a wood burning stove to combat the chill of winter and a few shade trees to send in a cool breeze in the humid summers.

Members came together to celebrate the beginning of life, pray for each other and their community, and mourn the passing of loved ones that left this Earth to be with the Lord.. They assisted each other through the hardships and joys of everyday life.

Ministers came and went, each with their own special messages. Countless voices from the choirs uplifted the congregation with their songs of praise. As a matter of fact, in 1930 the first project of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service of Jones Chapel was the financing and purchase of a piano for the church.

In 1967, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new educational complex to be attached to the sanctuary of Jones Chapel to allow for Sunday School classes that would allow members to conduct a more in-depth study of the Word of God. The educational addendum was completed and dedicated in the fall of 1972.

Jones Chapel’s Parsonage was completed on June 1, 1983. A news article in the local paper stated “the lovely home is located adjacent to Jones Chapel, facing the Shiloh Road, on a full acre of land. It has a living room, dining room, kitchen with breakfast area, utility room, 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 car carport, and pastor’s study. One hundred twenty-five signed guests were present for the reception and open house hosted by Rev. and Mrs. Carroll Miller.” Around the same time, our beautiful stained-glass windows were installed in the sanctuary. The Parsonage and windows were dedicated on March 17, 1985 by our residing district superintendent, Dr. Charles Middlebrooks.

Jones Chapel has instituted many programs, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and missions throughout the years. Whether members served through volunteering as an usher or choir member; participating in programs such as the United Methodist Women (UMW), United Methodist Men (UMM), or Pairs and Spares; giving their time and money to take part in missions, both locally and abroad; or even getting up early in the morning to provide the community with some good ol’ BBQ chicken; there is one thing that you can be certain of, the purpose of Jones Chapel has always been to help others grow closer to Christ.

When asked for some of their favorite memories of Jones Chapel, members recalled the unwavering faith and dedication of the people of Jones Chapel. Be it Mr. Buddy Coile’s patience and contextual understanding of the Bible, Mrs. Hester Sartain’s determination to pass on her complete love of Christ to the younger generation, Mr. Ray Cochran singing those low notes in the Jones Chapel Choir, Mr. Max Sartain giving up so much of his free time to lead the Boy Scouts, and so many others; it’s clear that with all of the rich history of Jones Chapel, the one constant is its members and their love of Christ.

Today, Jones Chapel continues the example set by so many current and past members. We worship the Lord through music with the choir and congregational hymns. We support our community through missions such as S.O.N.I.C., Love HIm Love Them, or Christmas Shoebox Ministry. We provide our children with the love of Christ through ministries such as Children in Action and our Summer Day Camp. We also take part in fellowship with multiple events like picnics, lunches, fun in the water, and musical events.

Jones Chapel may have began as a group of people coming together to worship in a single room in 1892. Jones Chapel may have improved the sanctuary, added an educational complex, built a parsonage, and even erected the Family Life Center throughout its existence. But don’t forget one thing: these improvements are simply physical manifestations of what truly makes Jones Chapel Special: the people!

Our members are dedicated to the Word of God and growing closer to Christ. If you’re new or visiting Jones Chapel, think about taking the time to engage with some of our members.

Whether you shake hands and have a conversation that lasts a few seconds, or you embrace in a hug and interact for several minutes; it’s guaranteed that you’ll see the Love of Christ at work.

Welcome to Jones Chapel.

Growing closer to Christ RIGHT HERE since 1892.